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Why Mothers Bond Better With Their Sons Than Their Daughters

Sigmund Freud was a great psychologist who came up with a theory on how children relate to their parents in various stages of growth and development. The theory is divided into 5 stages namely,

  1. Oral stage (0-1 years)
  2. Anal stage (1-3 years)
  3. Phallic stage (3-6 years)
  4. Latent stage (6-12 years)
  5. Genital stage (puberty)

According to the theory, a child develops certain distinguishable characteristics during each stage of development. During the oral stage, a child tends to obtain pleasure from chewing of anything that they pick around them. In the anal stage, babies obtain pleasure from passing out stool. In the phallic stage, children bond more with their opposite sex parent (a boy bonds with the mother while a girl bonds with the father), while during the latent stage, a child focuses on sports activities. In the genital stage, a child starts to develop curiosity about their genitalia. Many children become sexually active during this stage.Top Qualities of a Mother - Sleeping Should Be Easy

Mothers tend to bond better with their sons more than daughters since as a baby boy grows, he is attracted to the mother during the phallic stage of growth and development.35 Heartfelt Mother-Son Quotes - Mother and Son Sayings 2021

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