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What Happened to Turkana Oil

Kenya was considered as a non mineral country for a long time since there was no important mineral discovered in the country until 2012 when Oil was discovered in Turkana, this made many people hope that Kenya was going to be a oil giant in Africa just like Nigeria and Libya.

The oil was said to be slightly more than 1.4 billion barrels and was to be mined in a period of 25 good years, the government employed the French oil giants Turrow throw signing of a contract to drill the oil out which was latter achieved in late 2016 where the first drop reached the surface.

In 2018 Kenya exported it's first batch of oil to China through the port of Mombasa which earned the country a 1.2 billion Kenya shillings, later Turrow started experiencing financial problems that has paused the oil drilling but the government is looking for the best solution.

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