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Check How Passion Fruits Agribusiness Can Earn You Good Money In Less Than One Year

Passion fruit is a juicy fruit with a sweet-sour taste when eaten. They can either be consumed fresh or when processed. Its demand has never been met in both local and international markets making its cultivation the best bid. The two varieties mostly grown in Kenya are the purple and the yellow passion fruits. Having that little introduction, let's look at how to produce on the farm and its returns.

One acre of land requires around 800 seedlings. Dig planting holes at a spacing of 2m between the rows and 3m within the rows (plant to plant in a row) few weeks to transplanting day. During transplanting, chose a healthy and vigorous growing seedling to transplant. Apply three handfuls of well rotten manure together with 125 grams of DAP and mix well with the soil. Transplant the seedlings late in the evening and ensure you firm the base well. Apply enough water and mulch whenever there is little moisture in the soil. Erect poles with wires and train the vines to climb.

Regularly fertilize, check for pest and disease attack and control appropriately. It takes six months to harvest the first produce. Lets now look at the returns.

An acre of land produces 15tones under good management. Locally, one kilo of passion fruit is sold between Ksh100 to Ksh120. Lets take the minimum Ksh100, on calculation 15000×100= Ksh1,500,000. That is a very good amount to reap in agriculture, but you have to be ready to tackle any challenge coming across. However, as a beginner, you can start with a smaller piece of land as you gain the experience. I wish you all the best as you look forward to starting the journey.

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