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How deputy president William Ruto manages his multi-million poultry busines

This is currently one of the most popular business concepts in Kenya. To start a cash wash, all you need is a location with running water. People in Kenya prefer to pay someone to wash their automobiles rather than do it themselves.

Depending on where you are located, you can clean 100 automobiles every day if you charge 200 shillings per car. That works out to 20,000 dollars every day.

You may make around 400,000 in a month if you hire a committed team. Get rid of the notion that vehicle washing is only for the poor and ignorant; people are making millions in this industry.

He constructed a large chicken coop. Depending on the type of hens, these houses are divided into numerous groups. He has almost 3 million chickens, from which he collects around 1.2 million eggs per day.

He has been able to preserve the health and productivity of his chickens by using intensive ways of rearing them. Ruto gives their chickens high-quality feed. As a result, he has been able to maximize his profits.

He vaccinates and quarantines their chickens on a regular basis, and he ensures that both layers and broilers are handled properly. They have a lot of orders for chick hatching for sale, therefore it's a hot trade for him.

He combines chicken farming with other farming ventures, such as dairy farming. Dp Ruto has encouraged more Kenyans to engage in farming pursuits because they are profitable.

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