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What Is It That A Digital Marketer Is Employed To Do

Ensure policies and procedures for digital marketing are in place and followed.

Conduct thorough research on digital marketing before usage of any social media platforms on behave of the company.

Organize and manage digital adverts as prescribed by management in consideration of customers' behavior and competitors.

Update all company social media accounts and ensure responses are done on time.

Formalize yourself with current trends and practices in healthcare, and education and ensure the company is compliant with advertising agents' regulations.

Manage all reports to ensure that any posts, blogging, copyrights, and adverts for the company are free from plagiarism

Increase brand awareness and customer engagement on daily basis.

Organize and manage social media groups on a given mandate from management

Analyze reports on social media on daily basis on company products or activities and advise the management where necessary.

Ensuring that all our customers have the right information on social media.


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