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Best Methods You Can Use To Experience Golden Harvest In Hilly Areas (Photos).

Hilly areas are characterised by steep slopes, thin soils, quick water seepage into the soil and high rate of soil erosion. All these factors decreases crop production in hilly areas. This article discusses ways in which a farmer can use to overcome the above named factors to enable him or her experience huge harvest.

Terrace Cultivation.

This is a method of growing crops on sides of hills or mountains by planting on graduated terraces built into the slope. Though, terrace cultivation is labour intensive, it can be effectively used to maximize arable land area in variable terraces and to reduce erosion.

Construction Of Gabions

Gabion walls are mainly built to lower the speed of running water. They also traps soil particles and other organic substances being transported with water. By doing this, gabions helps in improving soil fertility and drainage of water. Gabions also stabilizes the soil thus improves soil structure, soil catena and profile. Gabions can be made strong by filling woven wire mesh with medium sized stones.


This is the method of placing synthetic or organic covering materials at the base of the growing crops. Commonly used mulching materials are dry grass, dry banana leaves, dry maize stalks and polythene. Mulching decreases soil erosion and evaporation rate of water from the soil. In addition, mulching also promotes production of clean vegetables and fruits. Tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and butternuts when mulched produces clean pathogen free fruits which fetches higher market prices.

Apart from the above discussed method, a farmer can practice crop rotation, cover cropping, inter-cropping and application of organic manures like compost manure, green manure and farm yard manure. Addition of organic manure increases soil volume which is necessary for proper plant root development. This will improve yields in tuber crops such as cassava, yams, sweet potato and arrowroots. Ploughing along the contours also helps in mitigating soil and water loss.

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Gabions Golden Harvest Terrace Cultivation


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