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Poultry Farming in Kenya And How to Make Millions

Poultry farming can be defined as the process of raising various domestic birds like chicken, geese, turkey and many more. In this article, I am going to discuss basic things around poultry farming and how to make millions from it. Poultry farming is carried out either for domestic consumption and commercial purposes. Below are some of the ways you can make millions through commercial poultry farming.

1. Keeping layers.

Refers to keeping poultry for egg production only. Layers usually mature and start laying after seven months. They are however sold after 1 year after they stop laying. To start this you will need at least 500 layer birds with will produce at least 300 eggs per day. This means by selling one egg at 10 shillings will give you

2. Keeping broilers.

Broilers are birds kept solely for meat. They usually mature after 42 days. One mature broiler is sold at 300 shillings per kg.

Other ways you can mint millions from this type of ventures include: setting up a hatchery and selling day-old chicks, manufacturing paltry feed and pieces of equipment. If this article was educative please comment and share.

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