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KPLC Announces a Long Electricity Blackout on Tuesday, June 8, Check if You Will be Affected

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has scheduled a very long electricity interruption tomorrow (Tuesday, June 8). The interruption will cause many hours of blackout to people residing in various parts of the country as outlined in the blackout notice below. The Kenya Power issues the power notices through the official website as well as through the social media.

Epra has now come up with new rules which are seeking towards licensing big firms and giving them mandate of managing their own power usage as well as costs. This will however apply if new proposed law will be passed and implemented.

The new proposals are seeking creation of Energy Service Companies which are independent from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. This proposal is drafted in the new Energy Regulations introduced in 2021.

Energy Service Companies will be given the licences by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

The Energy Service Companies will act as game changers since they will improve the management of energy usage in the country.

The large scale industries which uses a lot of power, for example manufacturing industries usually pay enormous electricity bills every year. The huge power bills usually scare away investors in the country. This will be a new program which will greatly reduce the cost of energy for the large scale companies.

This comes as the government is reviewing the Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) between the Kenya Power and Lighting Company and the power producing companies. This review aims at driving down the costs at which Power Producers sell power to Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

These new strategies will help in reducing the costs of electricity below the current cost at which Kenya Power and Lighting Company sells electricity to the consumers.

Turning to the electricity interruption updates, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company is set to cause a long blackout tomorrow as indicated in the notice below;

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