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Cost Of Starting A Mineral Water Bottling Plant

Water Bottling Plant is one of the best business activities an individual can start and get a good income. This project needs a lot of funds to initiate this is because you need to buy the necessary machines, dig borehole if you are far for water body, pay labourers, pay for government license among many other important activities.

The best way to go about this business is to collaborate with other people and form a strong partnership. This will make you work easier since each of you will contribute something towards this business project. You have to be keen when choosing partners, choose like minded individuals who will work hard to ensure that your project is bringing something on the table.

First calculate the total amount the project needs. This project can roughly need 2 million shillings for it to be effective and run smoothly. After that if you are 2 of you divide the money equally amongst yourselves so that or you can decide on the best ratio you prefer. This will give you easy time when it comes to calculating individuals interested when it get to end month. You will only use that ratio to determine individuals interest.

Pay the government license and for this case it can be costly since this business is lucrative . It can range between 10,000 to 11,000 shillings.

The cost of automatic water bottling filling machine ranges from 700,000 shillings to 705,000 shillings in Kenya, the cost is not constant it may vary depending with the type of machine you will opt for.

With this project you can not lack customers since you can supply your water to supermarkets, wholesales, wedding ceremonies among many other occasions. You may make roughly total amount of 200,000 shillings per month depending with the sales you make in that specific month.

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