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17 Ways to upgrade your home with metallic decor

People are coming up with creative and genius designs for homes everyday. Many decor at home is made from wood and plastics. Metallic decor has been on the rise for some time as it's artistic and one can play around with the various designs. Let's look at the different ideas one can invest in these decor for their homes.

For beautiful displays one can get metallic art and craft to display on the wall. This is a metallic giraffe head with a matte coating. The armchair has a painted metallic framework.

A kitchen dining set can be designed with metallic frames for the long chairs and dining table. The wood should be polished or the chairs can be upholstered with desired fabrics.

A kitchen utensils rack can be made from rust free painted metal. The style can be made to hold many plates and cups. Side racks for spoons and knives can be added.

Shelves in the house can be made from wrought iron. These can be styled beautifully and placed strategically for ease of access of items placed on the shelves.

A bathroom with a toilet can hold many stuff that is used daily. From the soaps, hand towels, bath salts and air fresheners can be held by metallic racks. These decor can be made specifically for this purpose.

A towel rack that suspends towels for use in a bathroom can be made from wrought iron. It keeps them dry and in reach when one needs them.

A restroom can have a tissue holder stand that can also act as a console. One can place their oils and perfumes in an organised manner.

Potted plants can be artfully displayed in the home by a painted metallic stand. The design can be made to hold as many plants as needed.

Bedrooms can also have steady metallic beds and nightstands. The bed can have well crated headboard. The night stands can have levels to hold many items the owner can need right beside the bed.

Mix an match your metal finishes for a curated look such as this utilitarian rustic shelf. This can be placed anywhere around the home to hold and display crafts, books and other collectibles. The unit can be painted with gold or any desired color.

A peach colored chaise lounge can be made from iron and be waterproofed so that it can be used outside. One can rest and relax on this chair.

Living room couches can be framed with metal instead of using wood. The backrest can be styled uniquely and cushions added to complete the chairs. A matching table can also be made to complete the set.

Upgrade your living room and provide additional storage space with stylish nesting end tables. They feature crisscross metal framework base with wooden tops. The smaller table nests inside the larger one and conserves space.

A golden armchair framed with metal and has emerald velvet cushions. This lazy chair can be in the living room for reading or relaxing.

This bubble swinging chair has a black metallic frame that holds it up. It can be inside the home for those people who like suspended or swinging hammock chairs. Mostly used to relax around the home.

This is an iconic metallic bubble chair. It has a comfortable cushion that one can sit on. One can also curl in it during those cold days while reading.

Decor that is used outside can be made from metal. It doesn't rot like wood when water permeates it. Therefore this patio or garden chair is a great design for use outside when basking in the sun.

Thanks for reading and for more information on interior design follow me and also your comments will be highly appreciated.

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