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Mercy. "How I Won The Heart of My Saudi Arabian Boss."

Life in Saudi Arabia is sweet. More so to those who are being paid well and work in a good environment. Luckily many of them have been able to invest back in Kenya in a great way. Unfortunately, others have come to Kenya empty-handed. Some even doe while in the Gulf countries.

Luckily for Mercy, her life changed when she traveled to Saudi Arabia. She was employed in a good and wealthy family. Mercy was also paid all her salary.

Although her employee was around 19 years she respected her very much. Her employer also treated her well. Fortunately, they were able to interact very well. When her employer give birth she was told to take care of the child. "She brought for me the baby and told me to take care of her as my own. Unlike in Kenya where the mother always takes care of the child.'' Mercy tells.

Mercy was able to take care of the child. She even slept with the child so that she could wake up at night and feed her. Most of the nights Mercy stayed awake because the child never slept. Luckily during the day, the employer would tell her to sleep because she didn't sleep at night.

If for example, her employer wanted to go shopping, they went all of them. The employer also bought her gifts. They also went to parties. Mercy could interact with other Kenyans who attended the party. It made her feel at home.

Mostly Mercy was the one who chose what to cook. Her employer never complained about the food she cooked. Mercy won her employer's heart by teaching the child how to speak English. The 3 years Mercy stayed there the baby had already known how to speak English.

Mercy advises Kenyans who work in Saudi Arabia to never interact with men. Never be close and social to the men. The best thing is to do your work well. If she needed to send money back to Kenya, she was taken by the driver in order to do her transactions.

Her employer also respected her religion. If in case the employer went to call her and heard that she was not responding, the employer always knew she was praying. Mercy always read the bible.

During her come back her boss cried for two days. She locked up herself in the bedroom. The whole thing made Mercy sad. At one point she even thought of continuing with the job. When the child saw her being carried by car, she ran towards her crying. Mercy felt like turning back.

Back in Kenya, she was able to invest her money very well. For one she built a house for her parents, secondly, she paid her sister's school fees. For the rest, she started her own salon.

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