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Kipchumba Murkomen Reacts To Kenya Kwanza Manifesto Launch Today

Kipchumba Murkomen who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that Congratulations @WilliamsRuto for unveiling #the plan. That was exceptionally captivating & workable plan for the nation. You nailed It. We have hope. #FreedomIsComing.

The tweeted, "William is Taking this thing 9:30am on 9th August. I like the Mortgage part and where we need to run fiber optics through the Existing Electricity power line grid. @RodgersKipembe this where inabidi umeleta akili yako garage kiasi🤣🤣🤣."

Toqqx tweeted, "You get a 2 million mortgage to repay at 10k per month for 15 years. That is 1.8 million. So basically the lender is loosing 200k per mortgage. No interest no nothing. Is this possible? Uongo mtupu."

Fred tweeted, "The only problem is he has been having all this plan and dreams as a dp and could not advise his boss to actualize them. Tusidanganywe na porojo bwana."

Okisai tweeted, "Was that a symposium or what? Because though entertained, i can hardly remember anything. I only remember 100days, 3 months, 6 months, one year and so on."

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