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DO you know how much Gold Cost In Kenya?

To raise revenue many Kenyans have engaged in many economic activities, some of these economic activities are farming. Farming include growing of crops, rearing of livestock, poultry keeping among many others. Some have decided to open small sample scale business, others have also choosed mining and specialised in mining as there main economic activities.

All these economic activities are profitable in one way or the other. This is because after engage in such an activity, one can pocket some amount of money that he can use to satisfy his daily need.

Mining is one of this activity which is lucrative and can make someone pocket huge amount of money. Despite the fact that it is a lucrative economic activity it has some challenges and you have to face them before you can become successful.

It is hectic and you need to spend most of you time. It has also some dangers i.e during gold mining an individual can end up losing his life and this occurs sometimes, therefore i think it is familiar.

Gold mining is one of the most lucrative of all, gold is an expensive mineral that if you can mine only 5 kilograms of gold then count yourself among the millionaires in Kenya.

The cost of gold per kilograms or per grams is just amazing, it cost roughly 6,200,000 shillings while one grams of such cost 6,240 shillings. Even just mining one gram of gold in Kenya can pocket you a good amount. That cost is only in Kenya shillings but the price is not constant since it keeps on changing with time. This is just an average cost that every business person dwelling in gold mining should not and also those who are mining gold.

In Kenya gold is mined mostly in Western areas, some parts of Migori county among other places.

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