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Forget About Buying Expensive Chicken Feeders, Use This Cheap And Simple Method And Save On Cost.

Factory made chicken feeders are expensive to purchase especially for a chicken farmer who is entering in the business. Buying these feeders from sellers will even make the starting capital for your chicken farming high. However,there are alternatives that are very cheap to apply to have your feeders by cutting cost. This method involves using buckets as feeders for your chicken. In this method, plastic buckets are designed to allow for feeding of the chicken. They are cut into designated positions that allows for entry of chickens head during feeding. Alternatively, the a circular lid is applied and a bucket inserted to replicate the factory assembled feeder as shown below.

They can be hanged at suitable height that allows the birds to feed without much strain. Another advantage that comes with this method is that it can be modified to suit the farmers preference. Buckets are cheaper and another advantage is that,one can use old but buckets for this purpose. Look at the beautiful photos of this practice below.

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