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Side hustles to consider as a university student.

Every university student dreams of having a little more to spend, from impressing on that first date to buying those designer shoes or even upgrading your living space. No matter how much you have it never seems enough if that is the case then, here are some of the side hustles you can try out and wave goodbye to your broke days.

1.Forex trading.

With the amount of materials available online it is quite easy to learn about forex trading and become a profitable trader yourself. For this one it requires only a willingness to learn and some discipline and you set yourself up for financial freedom.

2.Sell thrift clothes.

This is one of the easiest side hustles you can try out. With a ready market at the university, all you have to do is go find cheap clothing from the market and sell to your friends at a profit. Trust me with the desire to always be on the latest trends from the university students you will be wondering why you hadn't thought about this sooner.

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