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Government Plans To Fix A Clause In 2021 - 2025 CBA To Enhance Pay Freeze During A Pandemic.

In 2021- 2025 CBA for teachers and other civil servants proposals the Kenyan government is working on those plans to implement it.

In a government proposal it's planning to invoke a clause under 4 year agreement that will allow it to freeze the payout in case of eventualities such as a pandemic. What is yet to come clearly is whether the entirely will be frozen out in case of a pandemic or the agreed increment within the four year CBA. Additionally,it's not clear if the frozen cash will be paid in arrears after the pandemic.

Due to covid 19 pandemic the government has learnt some labour lessons with regards to pandemics and it's said there is need to prioritise the CBA for all sensitive sectors including healthy workers, security and teachers by the end of financial year in June.

The government civil servants has been receiving full salaries and additional perks through out the Covid 19 pandemic as agreed in the previous CBA. The government has revealed that it is committed to avoid this mistakes in future and this is according to very close source from the government sources. Sneaking a clause into the agreement is the only possible way to do.

Immediately SRC gets the award from the treasury the salary talks will commence as assured by teachers union TSC. The treasury will define the negotiation beacons and it is ready to release ksh 8b only for salary increaments for all affected civil servants.

It translates to only about ksh 2B for over 350,000 teachers and to make the matter worse 2B may be frozen once the pandemic persists.

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