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Worlds Fastest Country In Construction, Built 57 Storeys In 19 Days, A Hospital In 10 Days(Photos).

When it comes to faster technology in building,China takes the lead. It the country with the record of having achieved the minimal time in Building. Broad sustainable Building,a Chinese company built a 57 Storey building in only 19 days. The company built Minisky City at a pace of 3 floors per day in Hunan Province using modular method.

The building which took a rectangular shape was made of glass and steel. The building consists of 19 atriums,800 apartments and an office space that can accommodate 4000 persons.

In 2020 at the peak of Corona Virus pandemic,the country again made a major milestone in construction. It built an hospital within a record time of only 10 days. The hospital was constructed in Wuhan province and has a capacity of 10,000 beds covering an area of 25,000 square metres.

The construction of the hospital involved the usage of prefabricated materials and modular technology.

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