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Do Not Dispose Damaged Money. Do This To Acquire New Ones

Many people find themselves in trouble after either tearing or burning their money. This might happen when you accidentally wash the money with clothes or it just get torn without your knowledge.

When the currency in form of notes gets wet many people will go ahead and dry them. That is a good idea but you might find someone drying them in direct fire and that becomes a bad idea because the the money is made of special paper and can be burnt by fire.

Other people just get all there money has been covered by ink and they think that they cannot be used. It is is true that small shops and kiosks can not use your damaged money because it will have no importance to them.

There are also some torn money that are still in circulation in our small shops and kiosks. This money has been attached together using cell tape and it is regarded safe by members of the public.

When you happens to posses damaged money ensure that you keep it safe in order to get new currency. This can only done by Central Bank of Kenya.

The central bank of Kenya has taken the mandate to replace all damaged currency in Kenya. However, the Central Bank of Kenya regards the currency as damaged or unfit for use when they are torn, mutilated or marked with ink and removes them from circulation.

This is mainly done when the currency is brought to them from other commercial banks like Equity, Co-operative bank, Kenya Commercial Bank,Standard chattered bank and many others. This means that you can take you money directly to the bank for exchange with good ones.

Alternatively, you can take you money to big supermarkets and they will do the exchange for you. It is also preferably that you take the money directly to the Central bank of Kenya offices.

There are conditions in which money can be returned to the bank which includes; the money is not deliberately mutilated,the bank notes should bear atleast one serial number, the currency must be more that a half and continuous and also they must be genuine.

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