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Hunger ln Congo , Need For Urgent Intervention

By Consolata Lukayu

Congo has a population of 100 million people it's Africa's second largest country and one of the least develop, the DRC ranks very high on the scale for those who go hungry.

Over 27.3 million Congolese,one in three people are now critically hungry.FAO and WFP call for urgent intervention to scale up support in crisis areas.

Main factors compounding the crisis include a slump in the country's economy as well as the social economic impact of Covid-19.

The most affected populations are mainly households headed up by, women,as well as refugees,returnees,host families, the displaced and those affected by natural disasters.

Added to that are the poorest population with low purchasing power and limited access to food markets.

Violence is a leading factor in food insecurity.This makes it difficult for farmers to find enough security within their work to feel safe enough to go out to the fields.This increasing cause food shortage.

There's still hope for those I Congo Though the circumstances are dire and may seem too bleak for a silver lining, there's proof of change happening in the DRC every day.Organization, such as the WFP and Action Against Hunger, provide relief to these people who suffer of hunger.

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