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4 Businesses That Have Never Failed In Kenya

Starting a business can be a hell of a headache especially during this economic dilemma when everyone wants to get into business.Venturing into business is never an easy task and any wrong move can mean huge losses .

Some businesses however have managed to withstand even the toughest times because of the essential needs they fulfill.The secret is capturing the right needs for the right customers and you end up with a loyal mass of customers.

1.Cyber cafe.

The Cyber cafe business has become a huge success in Kenya since it's arrival.Its a lucrative venture that has survived despite the flooding of digital personal phones and computers.

You will need at least 100,000 shillings to set up a decent business.Identifying a good location, good machines and internet speed are some important things to consider.


Kenyans love for meat has never gone away and it will not be happening soon.Meat is a delicacy that is enjoyed by Kenyans across the country it might as well be called our staple food.Loyal meat lovers can't stay for more than a day without meat and with this type of loyalty you have yourself a huge and steady market for your business.

Having fresh meat and a stable supplier will be an added advantage for you.A clean butchery is enticing to customers and am sure you have had a moment where you could not take your eyes off that fresh meat through that clear glass and a sparking clean butchery.Other bonus points are spices and meat accompaniments.You will need at least 100,000 shillings to start.

3.Car wash.

More and more people are buying cars in Kenya and this means more customers.If you can secure a good land that is located in a good and accessible place with a water source you are good to go.A day will bring hundreds of vehicles to be washed so a bad business day is almost rare.


Steets are flooded with snacks of all kinds because the vendors know how Kenyans love a bite along the way.Chapati,smokies, sausages, samosas and boiled eggs are some of the most enjoyed snacks in town.

If you are gifted with magical hands of making mouth watering delicacies this is the job for you.Identify a good location like a bus stage or a busy street and be sure of flooding customers who can't wait to have a bite.You will need at least 5,000 shillings depending on the type of snack.

Starting a business in Kenya can be very tiresome through huge investments, licencing and marketing but once the business starts to sell it is a dream unimaginable come true.

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