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Brick Making Business Project Is Very Cheap To Initiate

Brick making is one of the projects that can earn for an individual lucrative amount of money currently. This is because there are numerous people who wants to invest in building rentals, building estates, building personal houses among many other activities that may drive one to buy bricks.

Therefore this means that you can not lack market when you start this kind of project. This project you can start it at any place in Kenya and any other country provided that you have piece of land that you will use for your project.

To start this project you do not need to buy any machine, you will only need simple tools which roughly cost 300 shillings each, labourers, water, logs of wood. What can be expensive here is only log of woods that you will use to burn your bricks during brick making process.

The art of brick making is a very simple art and one can learn it within hours, so if you want to start this brick making you can just visit and expert in this area. You will actually learn from him.

To Start this project you roughly need something like 10,000 shillings. You will use this amount to pay your labourers, buy water and also buy logs of woods that you will use.

It only takes one week and you will start sell your products and therefore as you prepare them you should be looking for customers so that immediately they are ready sell them. This will reduce the loses you will encounter as a result of brick brakage when you keep them for long.

One brick roughly cost 5 shillings and therefore if you can manage to make 4,000 bricks in a week then you can pocket 20,000 shillings each week. Your earning margin will depend on your efforts and determination.

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