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Stop Using Buckets As Chicken Drinkers And Use This New Type Of Drinkers For High Quality Production

Chickens are poultry birds that are kept principally for meat and egg production. They can be reared in both small scale and large scale units depending on the economic status and skills of the farmer. There are two main breeds of chickens that are commonly kept by the farmer. These include; broiler and layer chickens. Broiler chickens are the ones responsible for meat production while layer chickens produces eggs. This article reviews new type of chicken drinkers that the poultry farmer can use to maximize the levels of production in his or her farm.

Chicken drinkers with nipples.

This is an automated chicken drinking system with nipples to allow water to drop bit by bit as the chickens drinks. It is designed by the manufacturers to supply water to the chickens with minimal mess.

Using chicken drinkers with nipples helps cut down on wasted water that usually damps chicken beddings. This is a great advancement over regular drinking buckets which slop water all over the poultry house when jostled by the chickens.

It helps prevent build up of bacterial and viral diseases in the poultry house because it hinders dampness and keeps the water clean and fresh for a very long duration of time. This will boost both egg and meat production and thus the farmer will enjoy more profits from his or her poultry farm.

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