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Kumbe Kuomoka Ni Rahisi; Man Explains How He Makes Over Kshs 5 Million

Being successful in life is everyone's dream. However, the stages of achieving the success is not guaranteed. According to research, more data from the already successful people indicates that it's a no luck thing to attain big.

It all takes an individual or group's efforts to pursue their dreams. The outer forces might be harsh but not giving up must be part of you to continue moving.

Today, I'm presenting to you details of Mr Gathaiga, a Kikuyu man who makes Millions of Kenya shillings through his farming activities. During a visit at his home in Laikipia, Gathaiga explained that planting of Garlic is one of the most valuable farming activities in Kenya in terms of generating income.

Last season, the Garlic which normally takes four months to reach maturity, Mr Gathaiga harvested 4 800 kilos of Garlic after which he sold at kshs 100 each. This totals to Kshs 4.8 million. He makes major supplies across the country following the fact that he has his own supply company by the name, Saumu Centre Limited.

"Last season, I earned 4.8 million from 13 acres," the proprietor said.

To maximize profits, Mr Gathaiga revealed that ue makes his own garlic seedlings. He stated that various procedures are following in the whole process but in prior including drying of the bulbs, splitting of the cloves, use of effective disinfectants like chlorine and organic soap etc. This becomes cost effective and thus, a huge advantage in terms of spending.

This is not all! Gathaiga is also a consultant to many farmers who are willing to venture into this activity. He explained that he charges sh 3000 for provision of information concerning garlic farming. This includes offering training sessions and other reference materials.

"I charge people sh 3 000 for training, issuance of reference and manuals. Within one month, I train approximately 100 people who in term pay me," he revealed. If we calculate for the net income ue makes after every four months, you can see that it exceeds sh 5 million.

It's a great motivation to whoever who wants to make it in life through agriculture.

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