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Kenyan Farmers are Set To receive New Crop Varieties

Government of Kenya, under the Ministry of Agriculture, has launched new maize and sorghum varies that has been bread recently. During the meeting at Bomas of Kenya, the minister told Kenyans that these two varieties are well tested and can yield twice as much as those that already exist. He further assured those in the meeting that such varieties will be the future of the country's progress. The seeds are bred to withstand low rainfall conditions, resist pests and disease as well as tolerate high temperatures that prevail in most parts of Kenya. These seeds are now being manufactured in sufficient amount to ensure every farmer access them. The government has invested in this program to enhance food security and support the already compromised citizens from effect of coronavirus pandemic. A few counties have been prioritized to receive these new seeds, particularly those that frequently suffer from hunger. The Eastern and North-Eastern regions of Kenya are among the few counties that will begin receiving these seeds early next week after they are officially launched. Farmers are encouraged to prepare their farms during this rain season as they wait for the new improved seeds. The chairperson of today's meeting told Kenyans to impress innovation by coming up with precise methods of farming in order to stabilize agricultural in the season of coronavirus. All Kenyans were invited with regard to current to COVID-19 regulations to witness the new seeds that will take farming to the next level. Farmers will be getting a packet of maize seeds at a lower cost compared to the normal seeds they have been planting all through.

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