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Decrease Mortality Rate And General Losses In Your Cattle Farm By Using This Best Method (Photos).

Many farmers in Kenya keep different types of cattles. They either keep dairy cattles or beef cattles. Rearing of cattles is a vital economic activity. It generates income to the farmer, source of employment opportunities, source of government revenue and important source of food. Besides, cattles also provides hides and hooves which are used in textile industries to make leather shoes and bags.

For a cattle farmer to earn more profits, he or she must decrease death of animals in the farm. Death of animals lowers impacts the level of production negatively. Below are some of the ways a farmer can use to decrease losses in his or her cattle farm.

1. Avoid starving the animals. Starvation cause malnutrition to the animals and consequently death of the animals. The farmer should provide adequate amount of food and clean water to the cattles. Properly fed cattles grow very fast and attain market weight early enough.

2. Control predators in your farm by proper housing and fencing. Cows left in the open field can easily be attacked by predominant carnivores like hyenas.

3. Control parasite in your cattles. Both ectoparasites and endoparasites should be controlled through dipping/spraying and vaccinating the animals respectively. Parasites are vectors of killer diseases. For example, ticks transmit anaplasmosis. The farmer should avoid grazing the cattles in tsetse fly infested areas. Tsetse flies transmit trypanosomiasis to the cattles.

4. Avoid feeding your cattles on wet grass. Wet grass causes blot to the cattles.

5. Properly clean the cow shed by removing the dungs. Muddy cow sheds may cause foot rot to the cattles.

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