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Ichungw'an Exposes a Multi-Million Business Owned by Kanini Kega That Has Affected Small Enterprises

Kanini Kega

A fierce debate was experienced on Sunday evening between Kikuyu member of parliament, Kimani Ichungw'a, and his Kieni counterpart, Kanini Kega. The two parliamentarians engaged in Kiririmbi show, which is hosted by Francis Gachuri at Inooro TV.

Blame games dominated the show especially on who bears responsibility over the recently read budget which seems to overburden the taxpayers. Kanini Kega being the chairman of the budget committee said that the country got into a mess during Kimani's tenure as the chair of the committee.

Ichungw'a on his side blamed Kega for allowing the executive to oppress poor Kenyans without asking any question. He added that if this budget was unveiled during his tenure as the chair of the committee, he could have resent it back to the treasury for fresh consideration.

Kimani Ichungw'a

The Kikuyu lawmaker also said that most businesses deteriorated during Kanini' tenure as the chair of Industries and cooperatives committee. He argued that most shops in Nyamakima and River road were shut down when Kega was at the helm.

Ichungw'a went further and exposed a multi million factory owned by the Kieni legislator. According to Ichungw'a, Kanini Kega has established a factory in Kiambu which is currently processing spare parts for smart phones.

Kimani said that this is one of the reasons why small enterprises which deal with phones spare parts have failed. Kanini Kega did not dispute this assertion by Ichungw'a.

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