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Mganga Kutoka Kitui; Mystery Behind The Mganga Posters.

Posters are a common thing on Kenyan roads and especially on electri posts. However, there are some posters which dominate almsot each place from urban to rural regions. The 'Mganga' posters, though advertising different people from different regions the posters look similar and contain almost the same message. The mystery behind them is who makes and often pins them in almost each electric post.

It is very common to find them in your remote village at dawn, a clear indication that the operaration is done swiftly and at night. Those responsible are not known and the numbers contained in the posters are unique.

An attempt to dig deeper on who the Medicine men are, will lead you to conmen in the city or an internet con who will take advantage of your ignorance to steal the little money you have without meeting them in person. Many have fallen prey to these cons and ended up regretting their misinformed actions.

Hopelessness is also likely to expose you to these con as you choose to get refuge in "Waganga". Though there are few genuine "Waganga" they don't advertise themselves and their fame is known far and wide. Avoid getting conned, do a research on people before engaging them for business.

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