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Courses You Should Never Study In Kenya

If I was an educational counsellor and adviser I would talk to form four levers and brighten them what is awaiting them in these streets. Every one after form four thinks of going to colleges and universities without even being sure which course they should take. Nobody gives them a clue to the real world.

In Kenya, you should Never study International Relations or Diplomacy. This course comes with a lot of disappointment to the middle-class Kenyans (hustlers). This courses are done by politician children or people with a high rank in the government so that they can connect you with the jobs. Otherwise don't waste money and resources unless you are ready for long term unemployment.

Second, avoid any course to do with Agriculture. Agriculture courses will always leave you unemployed for decades unless you want to start farming which needs a starting capital and it's not easy to get capital to do farming. If sugar mumias are dying where are you planning to go if you do the agricultural course?

Never do courses that you will depend on our corrupt government to give u a job. Avoid courses like Nuclear science, actuarial science you might end up unemployed forever thesis is courses that only government most of the times can provide employment therefore unless you got big fishes ahead of you dare not.

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