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Good For Your Health: Miraa Users Have Something To Smile After The Following Developments

Kenya is one of the leading producer of Miraa. Miraa is grown in Mt Kenya region especially in Meru and some parts of Embu. The crop has been the main cash in these regions. The crop is consumed locally and internationally. Initially Kenya exported Miraa to Somalia, United Kingdom and other parts. However, the crop is facing turmoil since foreign countries have banned Miraa from Kenya. Kenya government is looking for ways through which they can improve the quality of the crop in the aim of boosting it.

According to Kenya National Workshop Agreement (KNWA) of 2021, they came up with Miraa industry Code of practice. This code requires farmers and other people who are involved in the miraa supply to observe hygiene practices. It also require them to follow food packaging.

“...the new guidelines will be used by the sector regulators for the registration and certification of operators along the entire value chain. This will facilitate businesses to meet market and pre-export sanitary and phytosanitary requirements,” Njiraini said.

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