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Quality Breed Of Pigs A Farmer Who Want To Invest In Piggery Business Should Rear.

Pig rearing is one of the best Agricultural activity one may engage in and make good amount of money. There is no big difference between big keeping and other agricultural activities like poultry farming, bull keeping, dairy farming among many others.

The main reason why people start such farming activities is just to make something good at the end of the day. Big rearing is some how advantageous compared to dairy farming, poultry keeping and bull rearing. Piglets takes a very short period of time roughly one to two years to reach maturity unlike dairy calves which can take more than 4 years to reach maturity and same to bull calves.

Therefore this means that when you buy piglets it will take you at least 3 years and you will start pocketing good amount of money.

Before you start piggery business projects you should first have a plan of what you want to do with your pigs. Do you want to keep them for meat purposes, do you want to keep them so that if they give birth you sell the piglets. Pigs are mainly kept for those two reasons we have mentioned earlier and both of them can bring a good income to any farmer. Piglets cost roughly 800 shillings per each and the price may vary depending with the age, size and the type of its breed.

Big for meat can cost roughly 5,000 shillings to 7,000 shillings the price may vary depending also with its size, type of breed and its age.

It is therefore a nice thing for a farmer to consider the breed of pig he wants to rear since this will affect the cost of your bigs or piglets. If you rear quality bigs you will sell them at a higher price compared to those who have inferior breed of bigs.

Some of the quality breeds a farmer should consider when he want to start this project include Yorkshire, Landrace among many other quality breed of a farmers choice.

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