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Bad News to All Kenyans as The Price of a 2Kg Packet of Maize Flour Changes, See The New Prices

Photo courtesy of 2Kg packets of packet maize flour on the shelves of a shop.

Kenyans across the country will now be forced to dig deeper into their pockets in order to afford a 2Kg packet of maize flour.

A 2 Kg packet of maize flour which was retailing for Ksh 100 following the introduction a maize flour subsidy by the kenyan government in a move geared towards cushioning kenyans from rising food prices, will now be going for Ksh 200.

The sudden increase in the price of maize flour is occasioned by the end of the maize flour subsidy that had been instituted by the kenyan government on this pivotal food product.

It is essentially worth noting that the Kenyan government had notified the maize millers that it will not be processing more payments under the maize flour subsidy programme, a pivotal indication that the government had not laid down plans of extending the subsidy programme.

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