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Milly Wajesus Flaunts Latest Pictures Of Her Daughter Crawling

Milly Wajesus is one of the popular Content Creators in Kenya. Milly is also one of the top most influential entrepreneur. Milly is the CEO and founder of Bantu Closet, a business that she started it when she was still in campus. Milly started a business management course back in her University Kenyatta University where she graduated.

Currently Milly has opened her own business with her husband Kabi Wajesus where they do online marketing for their Boss man collection for men, ladies and Kids.

Milly is currently married to Kabi Wajesus. Just recently Milly was blessed with her second born daughter. Milly and Kabi have not yet done a face reveal of their daughter but they are yet to do it.

Currently Milly has revealed that her daughter recently started eating solid food and that she has even started to crawl all over the house. These are great milestones. See latest screenshots of Milly's post.

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