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The Cost Of Starting A Small Hotel In Kenya And Factors For It's Success

Hotel businesses are one of the most profitable businesses and every entrepreneur will not hesitate to grab any slight opportunity of such a venture. In Kenya, hotels are found everywhere the only difference being their scale of operation.

Before starting a hotel business, there are numerous things that an entrepreneur should always take into account for the success of the business.

For instance, an entrepreneur should ensure that the hotel is located next to the target market. The place should also be easy to access with convenience. This will make the hotel venture to perform well even better than its competitors.

Hospitality and friendliness is another key factor behind the success of any hotel business. Remember you're are dealing with human beings who have feelings. How you treat them while in the hotel matters alot. This will determine whether they will come back next time or even recommend your hotel for their friends around. Ensure you hire well trained staff to help you achieve this.

Lastly, the types of amentities you provide in your hotel also plays a greater role towards your success. These may include things like, pools, complementary breakfast, wine tasting hours and business amentities.

Remember that, opening a hotel goes beyond having a building with a bunch of rooms and charging people to check-in. It’s one of the big things that make hotels different from hosting an Airbnb. A hotel is a sanctuary for the tired traveler. It is a place that guests feel comfortable and can relax when they’re in their room.

Now, have you ever thought of how much it costs to start a hotel of such a type? It is simple. Every business thrives well with better management of the available funds. However to start a hotel with all these features, you should equip yourself with a minimum of Ksh 1 million and above for you to start and perform without inconveniences at an early stage of the business.

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