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Can a Private Firm Rent an Office in Times Tower? Find Out.

Have you ever wondered if Times Tower has room for Private Office Tenants? With a total of 38 floors, Times Tower was until 2015, the tallest building in Kenya. It was overtaken by Upper Hill based UAP Old Mutual Tower, which was then over taken by Britam Towers, also based in Upper Hill. The Times Tower has been standing for the past 21 years, that is since its completion in the year 2000. While Times Tower is categorised as a commercial building, the question is as to whether private firms stand a chance or can rent an office space within the Times Tower. And that is exactly what this article will be explaining

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Since its launch, the government owned tower, located along Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi Central Business District has only and strictly been harbouring the Kenya Revenue Authority. The important government agency Kenya Revenue Authority has been in the building as lone occupants for the past 20 years. Unfortunately, no other company or firm or agency, either public or private has an office in Times Tower, not unless it is a subsidiary of the Kenya Revenue Authority. The government has also never indicated intentions of renting parts or offices within Times Tower to any private of public company that is not a subservant to Kenya Revenue Authority.

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The Kenya Revenue Authority uses the popular Times Tower for its tax administration, education and revocation purposes. The building, also known as the New Central Bank Tower has a total of 11 parking floors exclusively for the Kenya Revenue Authority staffs and another 7 banking floors, also exclusively for Kenya tax administrators' related financial services. Times Tower is usually under tight security (One of the most guarded buildings in Kenya if not in the world) and even have some floors marked as out of bound by non-staff.

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