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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Sunday, 10 October Within the Listed Area Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company this evening have announce a very long electricity blackout on Sunday 10 of October 2021 within the listed area below so as they can carry out the system maintenance.

Electricity is considered as one of the prime mover of country economy as it power's big and huge companies which in return pay taxes to the government hence increasing the Country gross Domestic Product.

This type of energy though is very essential and of most important to businesses, if miss handle can lead to alot of dangerous to the people around the faulty area.

This kind of dangerous can be minimised by use protective devices which we discussed in the last article. Those protective devices cannot work properly without employing Earthing in the whole installation.

Earthing is where an electrical installation is protected aganist over current and voltage which can cause demages to the appliances connected in that electrical installation since the imput voltage has exceed the required amount.

Earthing in electrical installation can be done using various method like: Direct Earthing, Protective Multiple Earthing, Mat Earthing, Pipe Earthing to mention a few.

Direct Earthing is commonly used type earthing system employed many electrical installation which are not complex, for example, three bedrooms house can use direct earthing as a means of protection without any fear of any hazard.

Direct Earthing gives a pathway to excess voltage when there is faulty in the installation system. This is done easly at consumer intake pont where an engineer construct earthing terminal if not constructed at the first place.

This terminal are connected to Earth lead where it is connected to an earth rod which is inserted deep down in the ground. At faulty condition or incase of earth leakage current, the earth rod conduct electricity back to the ground which is initially responsible of taking that electricity back to the system.

Protective Multiple Earthing is the common type of earthing being used in most of electricity installation. This type gives extra protection to the whole system as it flows with the flow of electricity.

This type is basically using the principle of Electricity Continuty Conductor(ECC). Though it is cool, it is restricted to only those of who will follow the rules and regulation set aside to govern the installation of PME.

PME is basically type of earthing system where neutral conductor is earthed at various point in an electrical installation. This type as stated earlier is is only restricted to those who will follow the rules set aside, like Earthing neutral point at various point among others. Failure to do so, your electrical installation will not be commissioned by Kenya Power Lightening Company.

Kenya Power Lightrning Company as they are winding up the customer service week, they have encourage the need of maintaining safety whenever one is dealing with electricity as it can cause huge loss like death or loss of prioritie, also thank their client for walking with them that long journey.

KPLC have this evening announce areas that will be ubder electricity blackout tomorrow 10, October from 8 AM to 5 PM so as to allow Kenya Power personnel to carry out the system maintenance.

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