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Gambling With Life? Why Mombasa Prostitutes Avoid Indian Clients Like A Plague

Prostitution is not a business for the faint hearted people. Just like any other business venture, this field too has its bad and good sides.

There are those who make it big in life while there are those who get damaged by prostitution.

Ag groups of prostitutes from Mombasa recently highlighted their plight to a local news daily, where various things were captured.

They spoke on various things ranging on when their business goes up and when its boom. According to some of the old ladies in this game in Mombasa, their business goes up at the end of the year as many foreign clients flood at the Coast for their holidays.

However, the group of prostitutes noted that not all clients from different countries are vied the same. While some are good clients, some especially Indians ones are a no-go zone.

According to one of the prostitutes who spoke to Daily Nation, some of the Indian clients have ill intentions when they invite one at their houses.

In the worst case scenario, some prostitutes have been killed by some of the Indian clients who had invited them to their houses.

With information on which clients are good and bad, many ladies working in this area have avoided the Indian clients like a plague.

She also noted that a part from some of their fellow ladies being killed or even severally harmed, some are left without being paid something that makes them hate some of their clients.

Despite endangering their lives in so many ways, many have noted that this is their only means of survival and sustaining some of the high-end lifestyles they have adopted.

Despite this being an illegal business in the country, many have joined it and some make good money from it.

When asked how much one is charged for their services, they lady pointed out that this depend on your client's potentials.

Kenyan clients are charged differently from foreign clients especially the white.

More so, these ladies have different groups who charge differently. They have low class prostitutes and high class prostitutes.

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