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How To Succeed In The Business Of Selling Clothes

Due to the increase in unemployment among youths, many have decided venture into self employment as a way to sustain their living. Each and everyone of us dream to be successful in what we do.

We have seen that even those who are employed also try to have a small investment and others even quit their jobs to settle for the business.

Doing so without full understanding of the business and risks involved may be the worst decision you can ever make.

Other people start businesses and they are lucky enough that it booms but the problem is, they do not know how to manage their finances and end up failing because of their poor acumen in business.

If you want to be successful in fashion business please read the article to the end and am sure you will have one or two things to help you. Also remember to follow brwnskingirl for more business educative articles.

Some of you wish to start boutique businesses but you don't know how much to start with, how to go about it, no experience, and also fear of taking risks..

Below are some basics to start and fulfill your dream.

1. How much capital do you have

There is a difference between a person with over 100,000 and the one with 10,000, Their stock will differ.

The one with 100,000 can choose how much to spend on stock and start immediately, but for 10,000 you have to be careful how you manage the finances.

Talk about it later!

2. Location of the business

Location is also a vital thing to determine your business success. Being in a place where people are many, you are bound to prosper rather than being on some lonely streets.

3. Start running the business

You have to take the risk and open up your business. There is no proper time.

a) 10,000 as starting capital

Here are the ways you can start your work :

Find a wholesale get few clothes like the undergarments and start with that, this way you are trying to increase your capital for something big.

Make sure you mix men and women undergarments. Be patient and ambitious it will pay back.

Mixing stock

Prices varry because of quality, size etc and range between 500- 2000 for each dozen. Mix the sizes and colors when making the purchase.

You can buy 6 different dozens of girls inner wears this is because the taste of women vary and you should have atlist each one.

Men it's easy, get 2 dozens of DSTV, Uomo Adidas, Men which is almost 850 per dozen, find white vests( Wasim') which is 450 and socks. You will be good to go.

Make sure you are located on a busy street

This way you can have a variety of customers and you can start selling your stock. Be devoted and patient you will make your small business big one day.

Put in all your efforts and everything will work out in your favor.

I wish you all the best

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