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No Losses Again In Your Chickens, Use This Simple Method To Increase Yields Of Your Chickens.

Many farmers rear chickens in different counties of Kenya. There are mainly two types of chickens that these farmers keep; broiler and layer chickens. Broilers are principally reared for meat production while layers are kept for egg production.

This article reviews simple and effective ways which the poultry farmer can use to increase production of both meat and eggs in his or her chickens. The methods include the following.

1. Avoid starving the chickens. The poultry farmer should give adequate amount of food in correct proportions to his or her chickens. The farmer should consider age, weight, species and purpose of the chicken when giving them food. A broiler food should be fed on foods rich in proteins to facilitate fast growth. Layer chickens should be fed on layers mash rich in calcium to promote production of eggs with hard shells. Giving enough clean water is also very important as water forms part of the cell protoplasm besides being involved in cell biochemical reactions.

2. Control both ectoparasites and endoparasites. Parasites as we know can act as vectors of various viral and bacterial diseases. Sick chickens produce low quality products. Meat of sick chickens are not safe for human consumption.

3. Proper housing. Birds houses should be free from dampness. It should be raised about one metre from the ground to prevent floods. Proper ventilation in the poultry house helps in avoiding foul smell coming from birds droppings.

4. Fence your poultry farm to help in keeping away predators and other intruding animals or human beings which may either kill, steal or cause stress to your chickens.

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