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How Kenyan Made Ksh 147 Million From Bhang Juice

Kenyan entrepreneur Abel Masafu alias Blitz Martini has for the first time revealed how he has made a fortune in South Africa from an unconventional idea of selling bhang-infused juice in a venture that has blossomed and has earned him millions.

Masafu, who is the founder of the Black weed Nation which was started in 2018 in his address to the press disclosed that since the firm was launched, he has managed to sell close to 35,000 bottles of the product.

A single bottle of the juice costs Ksh 4,200 which roughly translates to Ksh 147 million cumulative for four years and credits the success of his business to the favorable rules in the Southern Africa nation that regulates the trade.

His company started by producing cannabis oil but regular complaints from customers of the product causing throat burn led them to start producing the juice which had Bhang infused in it with the South African government legalizing the use of the product provided it was sold in small quantities of less than 20mg.

"If that could happen in Kenya, it could open the doors for the public to get access to Cannabis in CBD. If you could get access to Cannabis that is safe, reliable and convenient could change a lot of things including job creation. It creates a lot of jobs in South Africa," he added.

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