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A Man Who Lost Fortune Of Ksh 30.7 Billion Looks For Goverment To Help Him Find It

Everyone needs money in life in order to have good life .Here comes a man who mistakenly throws away ksh 30.7 billion. He was disturbed emotionally and finally he begged for government to help such it.

James Howells,lost his fortune by throwing away hard drive that he thought was damaged in 2013 .He was an engineer aged 35 years went to look for government help so that he can relocate his hard drive that he can use to retrieve his Bitcoin wallet details that he was saved there.This man just did not show pain he went through by loosing details for such amount of money he just laughed instead.

James ,was a computer engineer and he had to offer to his government money that amount to ksh 7 billion to help him to relocate his hard drive that he accidentally throw.

Additional information says that he mistaken throw the drive following clearance of old computer gadgets.The drive resemble others that hard broken initially.

James said also he will give a quarter percentage of his fortune to any one who can help him recover the hard drive on which he had chances of recovering some data for getting details for his Bitcoin wallet.

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