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Good Amount You Can Earn When You Open A Mini Coca-Cola Depot

Time is running so first, now we are in October and just after a few period of time we will be in December which is a festival season. During this period is when people invest in different kind of business and pocket something good at the end of it.

Since we are nearing the festival season there are numerous business activities one may engage in. There are not new business is just that within this period of time they can make you earn a good amount of money.

With business after you have started pocketing some amount of money like roughly 5,00 to 2,000 shillings in a day the more you become attracted and feel attached to your business.

Now you can start a small Coca-Cola depot in the area where you like. This kind of business can do well in any place in Kenya, be it rural areas, urban areas which include big cities and growing towns. Deal on with drinks and other related stuffs that will increase your daily income.

To Start a mini depot you only need roughly like 700,000 shillings and you will be good to go. Just find a strategic position where there is alot of population and where your business can be exposed enough.

With this kind all those who have retail shops and sell drinks will buy from you in case they have exhausted there stock. Also there are many occasions and parties all over and therefore missing customers should not ring in your mind now.

After you have designed your shop enough you can ally with the Coca-Cola suppliers and let them supply you with drinks. They might give you some discount on the total marked price of good you buy.

You can make roughly 5,000 to 7,000 shillings with this business, though the amount you make every day will vary depending with total sales you make.

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