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Business that can easily make you rich in Kenya.

At this hard time of covid-19, many people have lost their jobs making them stay at homes idle and broke. This cannot continue, we need to get up and go out there in the streets to look for business gaps. We all have expenses and bills to pay, we therefore have to find ways of making money daily.

Here are two business ideas that are highly profitable in Kenya. One of them is selling boiled eggs to customers along the roads and in towns.You don't require training or a high capital to start this business, with as little as ksh 1000 and a bucket and you are set to start it. You mostly meet people selling eggs in towns and along the ways, how much do u think they earn a day?. A tray of eggs cost around ksh 330 at a wholesale price, each boiled egg is sold at ksh 15, this is making a profit of ksh 120 per tray, imagine doing this every day on weekly basis. Each day you can sell around two trays of eggs. This business is mostly carried out around Universities by students and in town by egg vendors.

The second business idea is on selling smokie. To start this business you need a grilling equipment that Costs around ksh 5000. After getting the equipment buy a packet of smokies that costs ksh 300 and prepare them for sale, each smokie costs ksh 25, by selling a full packet of 22 smokies you make a a whooping profit of ksh 200. All you need is to locate your business at a place where customers can easily visit.

What's your view on these business ideas.

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