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The Ksh 400 Million Home In Nyeri Lucy Kibaki Never Occupied

As the time for presidency for the retired president Mwai Kibaki was coming to an end , the government offered to build for him a beautiful mansion in his home town, Nyeri. This came after Kibaki determined that he will spend his retirement at Nyeri.

President Kibaki is a rich man and he has more than 30000 acres of land which are spread across the country. It is reported that Kibaki had a 14-storey building which he later sold to Mount Kenya University, not to forget the ksh.400 million house in Nyeri.

The construction of this house was began in the year 2010 when Kibaki had determined where he will spend his time after retiring. Lucy Kibaki the then first lady never had opportunity to stay in her house. Lucy only had an opportunity to visit it during its construction.

This house sits in 100 acre land of Mweiga Estate, which is just a position of the 1000 acres estate. A portion of the GSU soldiers are drawn to ensure the residence of former president is secure. Several amenities are within this compound. They include; swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, secretariat offices, canteen for the workers just to mention a few.

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