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Investing in Africa's Future

Agriculture is termed as the main backbone of Kenyan economy.There are different types of agriculture where one can invest in and make some profitable outcome.Some of them include:

*Dairy Farming

*Commercial farming

*Livestock farming

*Mixed farming

*Specialized farming

This is just but to mention a few. Majority of the people have turned into agriculture and found light and hope.But also,there are a lot of challenges that might arise with different types of agriculture.So as to avoid such short-comings,a person should weigh different factors to ensure maximum profit from his or her venture.Some of the few factors to consider are:

*Improved technology

*Availability of market

*Well skilled personnel

*Sufficient capital

Investing in different types of farming will lead to a boost in the countries economic level and henceforth improve people's standards of living. Through this we will be geared towards eradicating poverty and therefore move towards coping with the developed countries.

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