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Planned Long Blackout Tomorrow- Check If You Will Be Affected

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has never failed to inform it's customers concerning any power interruption.

The Kenya Power in line with the electricity rule number 27 that requires them to inform the customers concerning any power interruption scheduled.

Kenya Power do inform it's customers on their official websites, Facebook and also Twitter accounts.

The following places according to Kenya Power will be affected tommorrow.

If you live in the areas outlined above you will be experiencing a very long blackout tommorrow which has been scheduled as it is listed above.

The main reason for Kenya Power to inform it's customers is to give them time to make sure they are ready. There are some companies also which depend on electricity for them to function they must also be informed so that they will know what to do on the planned time.

The same information is also on the Kenya Power official verified twitter account.

Share this information widely and make other people aware of the power interruption scheduled.

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