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How Cryptocurrency Is Going To Affect Our Future.

Cryptocurrency is the future, at least that's what many people believe. And there are a lot of good reasons to prove so. First of all Cryptocurrency is digital which makes it very versatile and convenient. You can use it to buy things online, you can use it to invest in other currencies and you can do so much more with the advent of NFTs and Metaverse. Second of all Cryptocurrency is secure. It is based on Blockchain technology which is a very secure system. Transactions are modified by multiple computers, though it's very difficult for one to hack into the system and steal the money. Finally Cryptocurrency has become more and more popular everyday. More and more businesses have started to accept it as a multiple payment. Cryptocurrency is already here and it is here to stay. Now the question is not the future of Cryptocurrency but, how it is gonna affect our future. The world is decentralising. Success in making big businesses is now possible even for young entrepreneurs. Welcome to the world of technology, infact most of the top tech giants are those people who rose from the bottom.

In the first pace of technological revolution, power was given to anyone who can create, make a fortune and dominate the arena. In short the power was taken from big business houses and handed over to the common man as window of opportunity. However, the biggest nexus that a business involve politics is still out of reach of common man. You need to be on the circle to be able to use it. The world was never a levelled playing field for all because of this. The centralisation of currency was the biggest player in the scenario, with all other things kept aside. Even a slight change in value of the currency can recover for any economy, especially the small ones. But with the advent of Cryptocurrency, power is going away from the hands of the government.

The world is actually becoming a unified economy, this may not be acceptable to all. Everyone has their own set of concerns. Some countries are afraid of loosing the control of dominance that they have been exercising for the past few centuries while some are concerned about the unwanted inflow and outflow of money which may be otherwise dangerous. Considering this, the governments are quite unconvertable accepting this waved change because of their investment in trade and concerns. Although this revolution can only be deferred not kept in PAYE forever. So soon the governments will think of adopting a regular relation of crypto based on a comment set of regulatory guidelines across the world.

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