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Best Places to Live in Nairobi With a Salary of Ksh10,000 Per Month

The majority of Kenyans are living on the edge as unemployment bites and the economy struggles to recover from the consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak.

There are difficulties associated with living in the capital of Kenya. The first is if your income is sufficient to cover your bills, feed your family, and still have money left over for savings.

Many Kenyans in Nairobi subsist on the Ksh10,000 a month they earn from menial jobs. Many others manage little businesses that bring in around the same amount each month.

Many Kenyans have complained about the hardships of making such a living in the nation’s capital, while others have turned down job prospects promising such pay in favor of a simple existence in the countryside.

Note: If you work nearby, the aforementioned rental pricing in these locations will benefit you. Living in a Ksh2,000 distant location and spending Ksh6,000 on commutes while making Ksh10,000 is not viable.


Just forty minutes from the CBD, Ruiru is situated in Kiambu County, part of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Due to the low cost of housing in the neighborhood, many Kenyans who work in Nairobi reside there.

Rent for single rooms in Ruiru starts at Ksh3,000, while the monthly rate for bedsitters is Ksh5,000.

It is advised for locals to get knowledgeable about bus fare patterns so they are aware of when prices are low and when they are hiked.


Kinoo is another reasonably priced residential suburb, located just over an hour from Nairobi’s central business district. Kikuyu Constituency is where it is situated.

A respectable mabati house can be purchased for as little as Ksh1,500. Block single rooms cost between Ksh3,500 and Ksh4,000 per month in the region. Bedsitters’ monthly pay begin at Ksh6,000.

Due to the extensive nearby farming activities, Kinoo is renowned for having inexpensive food.

3. Gachie

Many Kenyans who work in Nairobi reside in Gachie in Kiambaa constituency, Kiambu county, notably around Red Hill Road.

Because of the Gachie Market, food in the neighborhood is inexpensive.

In the area, decent mabati homes cost about Ksh2,000. Single block rooms cost between Ksh3,000 and Ksh4,000. Bedsitters are available for Ksh5,500.

4. Ruai

The Nairobi CBD is located 40 minutes away.

In Ruai, decent mabati homes cost about Ksh 2,500. Block single-room rentals start at Ksh 3,500, while Ksh 5,500 is the starting price for bedsitters.

5. Wangige

Wangige offers some of the most affordable housing options in Nairobi and is situated in the Kabete Constituency, which is roughly 50 minutes from the city center.

While single rooms in blocks cost Ksh3,500, a quality mabati house may be acquired for as little as Ksh1,500. Bedsitters are available for Ksh6,000.

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