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Business Management analysis

What You Need For a Strong, Successful and a Profitable Hardware Store Business

Many individuals are aspiring to open hardware store businesses since time in memorial. The reason behind this is quite simple in that hardware store businesses are very viable and profitable. Many individuals love purchasing items in hardware business because the price is usually friendly, they get after sales services such as transportation and discounts, they also get what they require from one premise.

The minimum cost for starting a hardware store business may be Ksh 150000 while the maximum may go upto 2.5 Million. An hardware store business its big may major on selling the following items in order to be successful.



C.Iron sheets


E.Water pipes



H.Window and door glasses

As an entrepreneur, you need to be honest, perseverance, committed and posses good communication skills where you're able to convince a customer. Remember to do the following for your business to be strong and successful.

1.Take a business permit - it may cost you upto Ksh 30000 for your stock - Ksh 50000

3.Keep money for maintenance and running costs such as rent and electricity plus other expenses.

4.Keep your hardware store business in a busy market with plenty of loyal customers.

5.Ensure your business is set in a good place with adequate water and security.

6.maintain a good reputation for your brands and with customers.

7.Never over price your customers to maintain them.

Thank you for your time. Choose wisely when entering in the business industry.

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