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The Cost Of Safaricom's M-gas

Currently, several companies offer hire-purchase services to Kenyans, especially on household goods. This is because several Kenyans would prefer to purchase what they can't own on hire-purchase.

In terms of communication, Safaricom is the leading communication company in Kenya. After introducing Mpesa, Safaricom has made a lot of moves to make more profits. One of the most popular methods that the company has used to generate more income is by selling items to its customers on hire purchase.

A few months ago, Safaricom introduced an LPG cylinder known as the M-gas. The Mgas work like the prepaid tokens whereby one pays so that they can use LPG. So basically what happens is that you register with Mgas and a 13 kilogram LPG cylinder is delivered and installed in your home for free. When doing the installation, a smart meter will be connected to the cylinder so that you can only use it once you have paid for it.

Once the installation is done, you will be required to pay so that you can use the cylinder. The charges are Ksh 70 per 300 grams of LPG. In case the cylinder is almost empty, the smart meter will send a message to the company which will send its officers to come and replace the cylinder.

When you do your calculation, the cost of using the gas cylinder is about 4,600 Kenyan shillings which might be a little expensive compared to purchasing your gas cylinder.

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