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Breaking News: The Price of Maize Four Has Reduced Dramatically in the Market

The price of maize flour in Kenya has been so high that many people have struggling to feed. With the high cost of living and the price of flour being as high as 200 Kenya shillings, many Kenyans have been straining to feed. The rise the flour price has caused mandatory fasting across the country. The rise in the price was caused by the high cost of fertiliser. The cost of fertiliser rose from 3500 shillings to about 7000 shillings. This reduced the cost of production.The Kenya Farmers Association director Kipkorir Menjo has confirmed that farmers have released their produce to the market. This happened after farmers had a busy time harvesting their maize.

The reduction in the price of maize will subsequently lead to a drop in the unga prices. An increase in the availability of maize in the market has been confirmed by the local millers. This has just happened before the maize imports which was expected in February. KFA director assured that there was no hoarding because maize had to be dried to the right moisture content. Many people in the Internet have expressed different views on the decrease of the commodity.

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